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Good day,

Thank you for your Immigration Medical inquiry at Hatmed. We aim to make the process an efficient and positive experience.

Please complete the attached form in full and email it back to us a day before your appointment to assist us in getting some of the paperwork out of the way.

Please list chronic conditions, chronic medication and relevant medical and surgical history. Bring along reports you may have on medical conditions/surgery. You need not be fasting for the examination and make sure you are well hydrated. Female patients : If you are menstruating at the time of your exam, you might need to have the urine retested.

Bring your passport, no photographs required.

The Immigration Medical entails a full physical examination and you will be required to undress to your underwear with a gown provided. Should you require a chaperone feel free to bring someone along or inquire at reception.

The cost is as follows:.


0 under 15 yrs. R1 250.00

Full examination. (15yrs and older) R1 500.00

Blood Test (15yrs and older) R 250.00

Mantoux (02 -under 11 yrs.) R 120.00

X-ray (11 yrs. older) R 690.00

New Zealand

0 under 15 yrs. R1 250.00

Full examination. (15yrs. and older) R1 500.00

Blood Test (15yrs. and older) R1 222.00

X-ray (11 yrs. older) R 690.00


0 under 11 yrs. R1 250.00

11 under 15 yrs. R2 000.00

Full examination R2 850.00


454 Hilda Str.



If you can please be here 30 min prior to your appointment.

We have free basement parking for your convenience.

Please complete our online survey after your medical to assist us in providing the best possible service.

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Contact us to discuss your health care in greater detail. Our team is ready to provide you with the professional insights and advice needed to make informed decisions regarding the medical care of your family and staff. We look forward to hearing from you.



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